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The women sometimes can not understand each other, and only men to understand the desires of encrypted or obscure allusions even more difficult. Just know that women like. They like soft sex, and that was a long prelude to the confessions, whispering in your ear, kisses and caresses. Women want to note the confidence that she likes, and it is advisable to bring her to orgasm, and then you can translate it to your favorite fantasy. Women need attention in the form of flowers and small gifts it makes it more likely to think about gratitude. You have to understand that the gift or deed more solid, the more a man interested in a woman. But in all should be the measure: do not just give the apartment and from the love of jumping from the ninth floor. All the ladies like persistent men who do not repel failure and 20 years of marriage with another man, but so rarely find. Therefore, if a girl doubt go with you to the movies or not, try to convince, say half my life waiting for this evening, but did not immediately transfer the meeting to another time. Women are not averse to experiment with sex. Most importantly, time and sensitivity to offer. Almost all want sex in an unexpected place, 20% are not against homosexual love, and half of the women love oral or anal sex. So think about the results of the survey. Do not deny women kissing. The woman said the kiss more intimate act of expressing love than sex itself. It is believed that only with a loved one, which really need is to kiss. Do not abandon the preparations for the meeting. Women like it when you notice a beautifully laid table, her outfit, a new hairstyle and lace underwear. The desire for sex in women depends on how she spent the day. If you are finding fault with it, and all day and were dissatisfied with something, then there is nothing to expect to have sex. She had a headache and a bad mood. So you want a stormy night, supplies, compliments all day and does not require it impossible. Click Here Luxury escort Roma
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