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Top 10 mistakes in bed

Top 10 most egregious mistakes men in bed. Ty know all physically available to you pose, you learned all female erogenous zones, you have always with you there is a large supply of conventional and exotic condoms. But even the best sex men can avoid serious errors that can result in failures in bed and cost you a girl. And here they are, those 10 most frequent and unpleasant mistakes made by men for sex, writes portal 1. Forget what you've seen in films for adults After watching movies with strawberry, many men begin to embody seen in life twirl his partner as a gymnast, are attached to it from different sides, put it on all kinds of horizontal and not just the surface, forcing the girl to become the bridge, make a birch tree, the splits or run-up to perform a somersault, culminating landing on well, you understand what. But life is much more basic than in the film on it and staging cinema. Sex scenes in films was directed by a desired angle and in those positions in which the average man and woman will experience a discomfort, not to mention the possibility of injury. Therefore, if you do not want to "break" his girlfriend in different places or get a hip fracture, clavicle and other parts of the body, it is best to master more accessible and enjoyable for both of you pose. 2. Switch off your phone Proved that 15% of men interrupt sex to answer a phone call. That you not only shows disrespect to the partner, but also completely broken the atmosphere and mood that you both created through the foreplay and intercourse process itself. Silent mode in the phone will always help you in this situation. 3. No philosophical discussions about the meaning of life Simply put less text, more action. Only talk about how it gets you as you with her good and pleasant. By the way, the Italians have estimated that couples who do not have a TV in the bedroom, have sex twice as often than those who have it. 4. Do not drool Saliva during sex can be used, if at hand there was no grease or your natural lubrication is by no means enough to enjoy "slip". And this is permissible. But even spitting saliva bubbles in whatever adult movie you've seen it or can permanently discourage your woman from any contact with you. And, if you still decided to take advantage of the fluid from his mouth, then in any case does not chew the cud menthol before, or instead of orgasm in your partner comes uncontrolled burning in the genital area, and it is lightning run to the bathroom to wash off all that what did you tell her there nauvlazhnyal. 5. Do not hibernate immediately after intercourse After orgasm in the blood decreases sharply supply of glycogen animal starch, which feeds the muscles. When glycogen is not enough, the person feels completely overwhelmed. Because muscle mass in men more than women, then they get tired before. But find the strength to not snoring immediately after sex. As an option talk about how you have been good, or just soak in the languid each other's arms. 6. During sex, not to think about other women and their ability to Now you have sex with her was so think and say you have only about her, in any case, not stammering its previous bedding experience with other women. Anyway, this kind of talk and comparisons will be irrelevant even outside the bed. But if you can not wait to bring the experience of the past days, you can casually hint his lady that you would like to experiment in bed, while not mentioning any third parties. Click Here Luxury escort Roma
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