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extra pounds

Sex named cause unnecessary pounds.Everybody say that sex helps to get rid of excess weight. But no one remembers how you want to eat something after intercourse. Scientists have calculated that after sex, some women get from food eaten more calories than you burn during intercourse. And this may be the cause of extra pounds, despite an active sex life. The researchers confirmed their findings observations of married couples with stable sexual relationship. At the beginning of the experiment, all participants spoke about how they are satisfied with their sex life and appearance. Then recorded their weight and key performance indicators. Three years later, all participants were invited back for a visit and asked to be tested. It was found that 62% of women have increased in weight by 15% of the mass of which was in the beginning of the experiment. Such changes, scientists attributed to the fact that during the regular sex lost a huge amount of energy, and there is a strong feeling of hunger. Women, on the grounds themselves that they are actively engaged in sex, begin to satisfy the hunger of your favorite products. And many women's favorite pastries and cakes are very high in calories.Our moscow escort girls always busy to do fitness an sport. Click Here Luxury escort Roma
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